Robert Chapman

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I was orphaned when I was four and raised by my grandmother in Chinhoyi. Growing up, I remember what it was like to go to bed hungry. I studied by candle light in the hope that somehow I could make a better life for myself.

I worked hard and did well in school, but I also got incredibly lucky to be plucked out of the ghetto where my soul remains. They dressed me up in fancy suits and educated me in the fanciest schools. But, I never felt like I belonged and I was frankly angry that we live in a world where an elite few have pillaged the resources and wealth of the many, including MY people here in Zimbabwe.


Let Us Save Zimbabwe!

It is unconscionable to me that as the world grew richer, the conditions that I grew up in remain unchanged if not worse today.

Zimbabwe is being taken advantage of by everyone – our corrupt government and their foreign bankrollers who have replaced one evil form of colonialism with another.

My brothers and sisters, it is time to once again tear off these shackles of tyranny and embrace an economic freedom that creates opportunities for you to get an education, start a business and advance yourself and your families.

It’s Time for a New Generation of Leadership!

Let me be honest, I am already comfortable. And, unlike all these typical Zimbabwe politicians, I did not get rich by stealing from the government and the people.

I could live a very comfortable life and forget about Zimbabwe, BUT this is not about money for me. This is not about fame, or status. This is about making sure that the people of Zimbabwe are finally given the opportunities they deserve.

I am in this fight because I want the next generation of children that are growing up as orphans and poor kids all across our country to have the same opportunities that I had. I know how to make money and create wealth, because I have done it.

In a country as rich as we are, I believe that we can create a society where you can succeed as well. I am in this to make our country work and to give the next generation HOPE that tomorrow can be better than today.

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I know what you’re thinking. It is not possible to change Zimbabwe.

We tried when Mugabe left and nothing changed. I do not subscribe to that thinking.

The Bible teaches us that what is impossible with man is possible with God. I submit myself and I place my faith in the Lord our God that He has called me to this mission – a mission to uplift you and your family. Change will come to Zimbabwe.

I ask you to join us in this 21st century prosperity movement because with the DUZ and Robert Chapman, PROSPERITY IS POSSIBLE.

Are you with us?




The Democratic Union of Zimbabwe (DUZ) is the Prosperity Party.

We are building a new kind of political movement not seen since the struggle for liberation. Too many of our people are struggling in poverty unable to provide for their families while those in power have gotten rich and powerful. The government and their foreign friends have convinced you that prosperity is impossible and that we are destined to be poor forever. We reject this negativity.


That is what our movement is about – it is about bringing prosperity to the people. This means being able to put food on the table, keep a steady roof over your head and get a good job right here in Zimbabwe without having to leave your community for Harare, Bulawayo or to be abused outside of the country.

DUZ is Growing Across Zimbabwe!

We are building structures all across Zimbabwe. In rural areas, in urban areas. We are building a team of workers who are tired of poverty and ready to embrace prosperity.

We are going to surprise people with the support we are attracting. We are ready to cast aside the failed opposition who has had decades to achieve change and been unable to deliver. And, like was done in Zambia and Malawi, we are ready to bring a democratic transition of government because we believe that there is a majority in Zimbabwe that wants prosperity.

The DUZ was organized as a political party in 2022 and is ready to bring change to Zimbabwe.